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Our Mission

The Haiti 2015 campaign is about empowering the Haitian civil society through innovation and collaboration in order to advance access to opportunities and social change in Haiti. Our mission is to galvanize the Haitian community to build prosperity and maintain stability in Haiti.

Strategic goals

Education: Every child has access to school and every person between the ages of 16-30 has access to vocational training.

Social Capital: Establish a Civic Leadership Training Program that graduates future civic leaders and build a national social infrastructure.

Workforce Innovation: Youth have access to resources to transition into the workforce and collaborate with the public sector for Full Employment Policy.

Economic Development: Foster atmosphere that encourages innovative enterprise and micro-credit.

The Campaign

Why 2015?

The year 2015 marks the 100th commemoration of Haiti’s first occupation by the United States of America. Lessons learned from the the first foreign occupation of Haiti
in 1915 foster reflections important to build a future. In 2015, there will be general elections in the country, and it will provide an unprecedented opportunity for a whole new generation to get involved in shaping the country. It is our belief that 2015 brings infinite hope to put Haiti on the track of prosperity. This is the time for fundamental change to burgeon in every corner of the country. 2015 is a momentous opportunity to establish a new vision for a stable and prosperous nation. Read more


Sonje Ayiti

Fireside International

Fondwa University

Fondation la Providence (FLAP)

Sosyete Tet Ansanm pou Developman Lakay (STADL)

The Team

Ilio Durandis


Manolia Charlotin


Yodeline Guillaume

Research Coordinator

Advisory Board

Stuart Leiderman

Jacques Raphael

Marc Prou


Latest Update

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